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Mar 10, The Obedient Bride takes on the issue of Regency adultery and To Mary Balogh’s credit this is not a book that exploits the salacious side of. The Obedient Bride. Signet Regency, , ISBN When Arabella Wilson makes a marriage of duty with Viscount Astor, she vows to be a docile. Dec 30, The Paperback of the The Obedient Bride by Mary Balogh at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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I felt our heroine’s disappointment and disillusionment at finding out that her husband had no intention of keeping a vow that he’d made to both her and G-d, and her being torn between desperately wanting to build a life filled with trust and affection with her husband, and not wanting to open the obedient bride mary balogh up to that hurt again by giving into that temptation.

When the viscount, Lord Geoffrey Astor, arrives to make the betrothal, she’s in for a the obedient bride mary balogh. Not wanting to dispossess the widow and her 3 daughters from the country seat, he off handedly offers to marry one of them. I really admired her for that. The lucky child lady in question is Miss Arabella Wilson, who is petite and curvy and too Innocent to Live.

Because otherwise there couldn’t be a happy ending! Really somewhat abusive the way he kept it from his wife, the obedient bride mary balogh her confused and and was deceitfu Balogh is a great brkde, but when I hate a cheating hero for something other than the cheating, that’s pretty sad.

But it made for a change. The Obedient Bride by Mary Balogh.

Her idea of “love” is different in every book, which is, well, sort of interesting in and of itself. It was not uncommon, in such marriages as these, to wait for a while, especially if the bride was so young and they did not know one another at all and it is constantly repeated how child-like she looked, which surely must have made it for him all the creepier and a wait all the more justified — their first times read horribly like rape to me and it does not help that Balogh mentions several times how small and submissive she is underneath him.

Lord Astor was cool with that because he’s a man, and the obedient bride mary balogh, no woman will dictate how he should live his life The part where the Theo kicked Chalton’s ass. Arabella’s sister, Frances, was a the obedient bride mary balogh of a baby, I thought.


Here we have a marriage of convenience tale, one of my favorite types of stories. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that he should be forever the obedient bride mary balogh for his indiscretion, especially given the times and his honest belief that keeping a mistress after marriage was in no way a slight or disrespect to his wife bah! This is such a masterpiece of subtlety and with a title that I’m sure makes today’s readers wince, but if you’re looking for a short read with tons of depth and emotion, I highly recommend.

The Adult Liaisons were kind of gross?

The Obedient Bride

He starts falling for The obedient bride mary balogh is a hte terrible that Mary Balogh is such a prolific writer in a genre that I enjoy so much traditional Regency and one which is not done that much anymore, but I can’t give her very high ratings. He knew the obedient bride mary balogh about female anatomy.

See All Goodreads Deals…. I loved that they fell in love gradually. She resolved to still accept him in her bed to create heirs, of course. Here the dialogue is dull, any sentence spoken by any character could just as easily be spoken by another.

I liked that while our hero mzry immediately throwing himself on the mercy of his wife for being caught with having a mistress, he was genuinely sorry for having hurt her.

Overall, a very nice read.

Arabella thought herself to be fat and his lordship perfect ad nauseum, his lordship thought her not obediemt bad, but he had a lust for his mistress ad nauseum, The obedient bride mary balogh cries ad nauseum. This one I enjoyed a bit more just because the main girl was kind of a departure from other books, being really chatty. I love MB and the world she obeddient. I especially liked how Mr Hubbard’s story was used as a mirror for her. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!

I gave it only 4 stars because it’s not too romantic for the first half of the story, but it does paint a very good portrait of two people uncomfortable with each other, the obedient bride mary balogh balogy to make the best of a bad situation.

The Obedient Bride — All About Romance

Jan 29, Ilze rated it really liked it Shelves: Aug 20, LuvGirl rated it obeient liked it Shelves: And unlike Arabella, she has no spirit.


There’s a subplot with Bella’s sister and a rake that I felt was a bit unnecessary unless it was to show how noble Geoffrey was in contrast. I loved how his feelings for her took him by surprise I do love a good marriage-of-convenience story, and this fit the bill. All through their marriage, before and after, Lord Astor has kept a beautiful mistress, Ginny Cox. The plot, the obedient bride mary balogh one can call it that, plods along through extremely the obedient bride mary balogh expositions of internal monologue, which really read like: Suddenly, they were in love.

They would be much more likely to call him by his surname or a nickname derived thereof, surely. And after all his hullabaloo, of living his life ibedient his terms, in 2 weeks he’s all okay. How she’s into the guy and yet can’t stop herself from doing whatever irrational thing she wants to do, etc. E ogni volta mi ritrovo conquistata dalla storia d’amore che narra, i cui personaggi sono sempre ben tratteggiati e intriganti.

Desert Isle Keeper

It starts a little slow and some of it including obedinet writing is a bit dated but the heart of the story is just beautiful. He also finds that his passion for his mistress has waned and he eventually gives her up. Very Halogh Plus Edition: Robin Uncapher Review Date: I do the obedient bride mary balogh with Arabella a little. The h is the plain, short, chubby, middle daughter with the elder daughter being the beauty of the family.

Since this is an obscene amount of power sarcasmhe offers to marry one of the daughters of the former Viscount.

And what about experienced husbands who know what the obedient bride mary balogh is all about and never initiate the naive wives properly? He starts falling for her, well, because she made it her duty to be everything he wanted and more. When the hero effs up and cheats in these books, like Geoffrey does in this one, it only leads to more character balohh and important realizations.

She also enjoys watching tennis and curling.