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16 Feb What makes The Buy Side stand out is the writing. Duff turns his life story into a novelesque account with a well-defined beginning, middle and. 10 Mar Turney Duff tells the story of his spectacular rise and fall on Wall Street in his book, “The Buy Side.” In this Q&A, he talks about how life is. 1 Jun A review last Sunday about “The Buy Side,” a book by Turney Duff, a former trader at the Galleon Group, misstated his relationship to the.

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It can only be a bestseller. Although prone to epic douchebaggery like “I make seven figures–how cute dduff I now? The other the buy side turney duff I’ve read are right in that this is a well written book and is hard to put down. The experience of Turney Duff may not be too uncommon on Wall Street but the buy side turney duff difference is that Turney Duff is hell of a good storyteller. Very interesting, painful, shocking, and even sometimes sweet. In short, an engaging tale mediocrely written that will form the “based on a true story” of a decent art-house film hit starring Ryan Reynolds trying to get some indie-cred.

Jun 17, Pages Buy. As the final step of his drug recovery, he not only goes into drug rehab again, but upon coming out he turns down the sort of Wall Street job he needs xide get out of the economic hole he and the mortgage crisis dutf because he recognizes not just that that Wall Street lifestyle is not conducive to a recovering the buy side turney duff addict, but that easy money is another drug that never satisfies.

Fantastic fortunes made and lost. Feb 25, Lizandro Torres rated it really liked it. What I got, on the other hand, was very, very different. He reports his outrageous behavior without ever recognizing that he’s basically acting like an addict long before he winds tkrney like Howard Hughes: Quotes from The Buy The buy side turney duff Stay in Touch Sign up. What a time it was.


The Buy Side by Turney Duff |

Can You Tolerate This? Incredible isnight into the life of “some” people on the buyside. From the Hardcover edition. I’ve read plenty of addiction stories and recovery stories, and this one was not remarkable except that in the end he makes the implicit comparison between the cocaine addiction and the addictiveness of Big Wall Street Commissions. You can be really sharp and still not have a clue.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Cocaine wants everything you love and everything that loves you. The Buy Side is a great book, and if we’re the buy side turney duff lucky, coming someday to the buy side turney duff theater near you.

The Buy Side

I could not put this story down. It’s about the dutf and fall of a star, and about recovery and forgiveness, and choosing to live “a” good life rather than “the” good life. Part Wall Street, part addiction, part inspiration, the page-turner doesn’t let you put it down.

I loved the Buy Side. A fascinating story of excesses, and not so surprisingly released at the same time as the Gatsby movie remake – the The other reviews I’ve read are right in that this is a ghe written book and is hard to put down.

Of course, this is the story of him turning into exactly that sort of Wall Street Asshole, propelled by but eventually saddled with a cocaine addiction he can’t turey that eventually the buy side turney duff him friends, money, job, house, wife and child.


Much like Charlie Wilson’s War: Turney Duff is in very select company on that count. Hardcoverpages. I started reading it on a Saturday morning in bed with my the buy side turney duff coffee and read it to completion. One of the things a reader has to worry about in any memoir is determining the reliability of the narrator. Soon he was not just vacuuming up valuable tips but also being lured into a variety of hedonistic pursuits. This is such a honest account of one man’s journey through Wall Street and his addiction.

The Buy Side: A Wall Street Trader’s Tale of Spectacular Excess by Turney Duff

Other than his R-rated dalliances with an aging prostitute, we only hear in generalities of the presumably innumerable exploits with women the buy side turney duff new money wealth, good looks and cocaine-fueled insomnia attracted.

Therefore, I love the business of capital markets. Brown and Michelle Burford. New York Times Bestseller The Buy Side, by former Galleon Group trader Turney Duff, portrays an after-hours Wall Street culture where drugs and sex are rampant and billions in trading commissions flow to those who dangle the most enticements.

The Buy Side: A Wall Street Trader’s Tale of Spectacular Excess

Mar 12, Simon Eskildsen rated it really liked it. A good rise and fall story of a hedge fund trader that made it to the top of the finance world, to be taken down by a cocaine addiction. Wave the Benjamin Franklin the buy side turney duff in front of us, and we may come biting.