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Printed in U.S.A. SAE J Revised MAR95 2. References The following publications form a part of the specification to the extent specified herein. Unless . 26 May BY ORDER OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOROffice of the Federal RegisterWashington, Authority of the Code of Federal Regulations. 1 Jan Buy SAE J INSTRUMENTATION FOR IMPACT TEST – PART 1 – ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTATION from SAI Global.

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The user should consider steady-state and dynamic calibration techniques duplicating spectral content representative of the target measurement application as a minimal initial basis for equivalence. If the calibration equipment cannot produce the u211 input, due to excessively high values of the quantity to be measured, calibrations shall be carried out within the limits of these calibration standards and these limits shall be recorded in the report. Rather, it is intended that any agency proposing to conduct tests to this document should be able to demonstrate that if such a single test could be and were carried out, then their equipment would meet the recommendations.

For example, load cells that measure shoulder belt loading of the clavicle are designed to measure Fx and Fz applied to the clavicle. The user saae ascertain combined performance to establish equivalence. NOTE — The transverse sensitivity is usually a function of the nominal direction of the axis chosen. Learn About Live Editor.

This is also measured with respect to one or more designated reference points.

Mounting of Transducers— Mechanical resonances associated with transducer mounting should not distort readout data. Furthermore, the variety of transducers, within a transducer category, i.

SAE J211-1: Instrumentation for Impact Test

Startup of the digital filter yields the same response as switching a signal into the input of an analog filter. These recommendations reflect current practices and equipment. This requirement applies to analog signals as well as synchronization pulses and digital signals.

Potential j121 of transducer errors are related to data channel compatibility i. Coefficients may be calculated in regular naked Matlab. To determine the orientation of the coordinate axes, the dummy will always be considered as standing erect.


It is assumed that the load cell of interest is contained within the cube and responds to loads applied to the surfaces of the cube.

Peaks in the filtered data set will occur at the same time as peaks in the unfiltered data. Note that one can choose the positive x-axis to point in the direction of either the thumb, forefinger, or middle finger as shown in the orientations 1sze, and 3 of Figure 2.

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Any filtering algorithm can be used for CFCs or as long as the results conform to the data channel performance requirements as given in Section 4. Definitions — The definitions in 3. The data channel designations b. Timing Marks— Timing marks are essential in data analysis and correlation of high-speed film to other data channels. Tags Add Tags filter design filtering signal processing.

SAE J21 This demonstration should be undertaken on the basis of reasonable deductions from evidence in their possession, such as the results of partial tests.

Full text of “SAE J Instrumentation for Impact Test”

By default, class 1 was chosen. As the transducer forms an integral part of the data channel, the error contribution xae transducer related factors should be included when considering overall data channel performance requirements as outlined in Section 4.

Select the China site in Chinese or English for best site performance. For bidirectional channels, both the positive and negative values shall be evaluated.

Polarities of Measured External Loads — For load cells that measure loads applied directly to the dummy or vehicle structure, their recorded output polarities should be consistent with the direction of the applied external load referenced to the standardized coordinate system at the point of the load application.

The whole channel performance could then be demonstrated on the basis of subsystem results, together with a rationale for combining the subsystem results together.

Tom Prohaszka Tom Prohaszka view profile. A statistically significant number of tests should be performed to validate the results.

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The use of the reference equipment is limited to the range of frequencies for which they have been calibrated. This method also may be used if there are no calibration methods to validate the dynamic response of j2111 transducer type in question.

When multi- axial accelerations at a point are to be measured, each acceleration transducer axis should pass within 10 mm of that point, and the center of seismic mass of each accelerometer should be within 30 mm of that point. To establish equivalence, it is the user’s responsibility to perform the tests necessary to ensure that the transducers under consideration yield similar results for the application of interest, within the error tolerances recommended by SAE J21 1 for the whole data channel.

If the data set to be filtered contains sufficient pre-event and post-event data, then the initial sas can be ignored because the filter response to the initial step input will have damped out before sas event i211. Dotted arrows indicate direction of loads applied to the back, left, and top for static equilibrium.

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The calibration of the amplitude response did not cover the complete CAC The test report shall indicate the calibration limits. If it is difficult to measure the whole channel performance, which is usually the case, the test agency may treat the channel as two or more convenient subsystems.

It should also be recorded in film data through strobe lights or timing mark channels. Double integration of acceleration data c. The filtered data trace can be forced to start at zero amplitude or it can be forced to match the magnitude of the first unfiltered sample point.

In general, a sufficient number of measurements should be carried out in order to ensure the linearity in the range of interest, that is, between F L and F H. An R symbol to the left of the document title indicates a complete revision of the report.