3 Sep Rehras Sahib – English Translation and Transliteration – Rsymedia is not responsible for third party website content. The recitation of. 30 May Bhai Sahib Sant Kuljit Singh – He greatly helped to update Gurbani and its roman in the Gurmukhi-English, Transliteration of “Jappu ji Sahib. Rehras Sahib – English Translation and Transliteration: Sikhism: Nitnem – Ebook written by God. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC.

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You Yourself accomplish all that occurs. In your mind, you do not remember the One Lord-you fool!

I was born foolish and ignorant into this world. How can I forget Him, O my mother?

Rehras sahib in english

You are the True Creator, my Lord and Master. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You Yourself are the Creator. I am not celibate, nor truthful, nor scholarly. All living beings are Your playthings. The spiritual teachers, the teachers of meditation, and the teachers of teachers. Your Praises are overflowing with Your Treasures. I have seen them drowning there. All the rehras sahib english translation treasures, and the eighteen supernatural powers are held by our Lord and Master in the Palm of His Hand.

I offer my humble prayer to You, O Guru. Notify me of new comments via email.

His Value cannot be estimated; He cannot be described. They alone understand, whom You inspire to understand; har gun sad hee aakh vakhaanai. This Virtue is His alone; there is no other like Him.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: That Primal Being is Rehras sahib english translation and Pure. The celestial jewels created by You, and the sixty-eight sacred shrines of pilgrimage, sing of You. Your devotees are imbued with Your Sublime Essence. The Mohinis, the enchanting heavenly beauties who entice hearts in paradise, in this world, rehras sahib english translation in the underworld of the subconscious, sing of You.

He shall not depart, even when this Universe which He has created departs.

Rehras sahib in english

Chitr and Gupt, the angels of the conscious and the subconscious who keep the record of actions, and the Righteous Judge of Dharma who reads this rehras sahib english translation, sing of You.

The flamingoes fly hundreds of miles, leaving their young ones behind. True is the Master, True is His Name. All Truth, all austere discipline, all goodness, siDhaa purkhaa kee-aa vadi-aa-ee-aa. O Nanak, how can I think of them all? You Tranwlation rehras sahib english translation the entire universe, and having fashioned it, You Yourself shall destroy it translatiob.

He is, and shall always be. He created the world, with its various colors, species of beings, and the variety of Maya.

Whatever pleases You comes to pass. For them, the noose of death is cut away. What can the poor helpless creatures rehras sahib english translation Your Expanse has no limit, no boundary. Those who meditate on You, Lord, those rehras sahib english translation meditate on You-those humble beings dwell in peace in this world.


There is no one except You. All the intuitives met and practiced intuitive meditation. Even if everyone were to gather together and speak of Him. Trying to describe even an iota of the Greatness of the True Name, aakh thakay keemat nahee paa-ee. As You give, so do we receive. Those who meditate on the Fearless One, on the Fearless Lord-all their fears are dispelled. Why, O mind, do you plot and plan, when the Dear Lord Himself provides for your care?

He does whatever He pleases. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The Tarnslation, the religious scholars who recite the Vedas, with the supreme sages of rehras sahib english translation the ages, sing of You.

They alone sing of You, who are pleasing to Your Will. The spiritual heroes and the four sources of creation sing of You.

>”Rehraas Saahib” English Translation | from dusk to dawn

There is no other as Great as You. All living beings are Yours-You are the Giver of all souls. Some are givers, and some are beggars. The brave and mighty warriors sing rehras sahib english translation You. Chanting it, I live; forgetting it, I die. No one knows the extent or the vastness of Your Expanse.