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Understanding the Yoruba Religious beliefs and concepts. Itan / Pataki ( singular and plural) is the Yorùbá term for the sum total of all Yorùbá myths, songs. Pataki of Obara (6). 1) The King of a town went to consult with Ifa and he predicted that the treason would come from his court. The King did not believe since half. A patakí is a brief story used in Santería and Ifá. Contents. 1 Definition; 2 Oral tradition There are many discrepancies on pronunciations, and written forms of some of the Yoruba words in Lucumí literature. Many words are Spanish. Because.

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Ppatakies of Contents Page 1. Eleggua must tell the truth always. Orisas end on earth and birth of Human beings.


English to Yoruba f. English to Yoruba k. Home What is Santeria? Fried eggplant – Oya. He had to know what it was: The one that says you are the best, will tomorrow say you are the worst.

Heaven’s Punishment for the world.

English to Yoruba t. Origins of many foods here in the United States. Pastelitos De Guayaba for Eleggua. Pumpkin custard Sweet baked oranges CS1 Yoruba-language sources yo. English to Yoruba e. The young are to be respected by the elders -Oshun. Patakiez eleventh child the phenomenon. The Birth of War and Prophecy.

English to Yoruba i. English to Yoruba j.

English to Yoruba k. Fifth child – Eleggua.

The eigth child – Oba Nani. Baked Apples for Chango. The Marriage of Earth and Water. Basic interpretation of Ejife: Oggun and Oya are married.

Itan / Pataki of Obara (6) – The Yoruba Religious Concepts

Seventh child- DADA first female. Fifth child – Eleggua. When he got to the city the king asked him what he knew how to dopztakies he answered the question that he could heal the sick and could help women who could not have children. Ebo and Addimu the differences between the two.


patalies History of Obi the coconut. Ingredients for traditional foods for the orisha. Communities in both West Africa and the African diaspora view Olokun variously as female, male, or androgynous. Olodumare brings diloggun to the world.