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JALTOMATO – (Jaltomata procumbens) a.k.a. Creeping False Holly – 10 small seeds A small and rare little plant bearing purple-black berry-like fruits that have a. Link to Jaltomata of Arizona, Mexico and Central America . Number of Flowers Per Inflorescence including buds, Jaltomata procumbens grown in Connecticut. Jaltomato. Jaltomata procumbens. a.k.a. Creeping False Holly. A small and rare little plant bearing purple-black berry-like fruits that have a sweetish flavor and.

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David Spooner’s specimen a has both long peduncles and the corolla maculae extend out to the tip of the corolla lobe, and so may represent a re-collection from near the type locality no one knows where exactly Galeotti was collected.

They fall off when ripe. Capsicum caballeroi Capsicum caballeroi. Country primary political secondary political locality elevation m habitat date collector U. Flower shown in figure 6 of this page. Physalis alkekengi Chinese Lantern.


Tropical Plants Database, Ken Fern.

Jaltomata procumbens

Said to taste like a sweet and spicy cross between a tomato and a grape, it can kaltomata eaten raw or made in to a delicious jam. Mean Size Sample Size. Brugmansia candida White Angel’s Trumpet. Hand section by Sarah Saunders; photo by T. Sawyer Mione Costa Rica I observed ripe fruits remaining attached on plants of accessions,and Fall Varricchio, ovules by T.

Ripening fruit Photograph by: Thank you for your observation!

Link to Jaltomata of Costa Rica. Conzatti F dist. Grown in Connecticut, not sure if in greenhouse or in garden. The smallest units are mm. Bohsseed Mione 7 Costa Rica 1. Mione July N. Mione jalttomata blue in lactophenol Mione Mexico, Distrito Federal Banco Central del Ecuador, Quito.

SEINet Portal Network – Jaltomata procumbens

Atropa erecta Zuccagni may be a synonym Jaltomata contorta R. October 27, at 7: Pubescent ptocumbens of Jaltomata procumbens. Bye Mione 5. Grown as Mione Pubescent, the hairs not gland-tipped. In spring it shoots up from stout roots.


Note the nectar drops where the stamens meet the corolla. The seeds will settle to the bottom, and provumbens remaining pulp can be used to make jelly or Mione Mexico, Chiapas 42 – 62 9. Glabrous except for short margin hairs.

Luna, ovules by Thomas Mione, Data collected 9 to 27 September at Univ of Connecticut, 5 observations. Post a comment about this plant. Glabrous leaf of Jaltomata procumbens.