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1 Nov Handleiding Apple iPhone 4S pagina 1 van Nederlands. – Bekijk en download hier de handleiding van Apple iPhone 4S Smartphone. iPhone 4S Smartphone pagina 2 van 2 Nederlands Ook voor ondersteuning en handleiding per email. APPLE IPHONE USER MANUAL Pdf Download. July 7th . 1 nov De Apple iPhone 4S handleiding iPhone 7 Plus met Naast de specifieke handleiding in het Nederlands voor de iPhone 4s is er ook de. iPhone.

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Is there any option to buy the rubber bumper, if I lost it? Remember, it’s about the total user experience, not individual specs.

It goes black side up with the pressure contact touching the back of the phone when the cover is handlejding place. Ben – Antwoord. Carlos Lopes – Antwoord. Sam Love – Antwoord. Rests of soft glue could be scratched off the place – so the ring was already off and I looked for it everywhere. I decided to plug it in to recharge it and was elated to see the empty battery symbol.

Download PDF Al/iphone 4s Ios 7 Manual PDF

Drilling out the hole for the nederlanvs switch to be slightly larger fixed the problem for me. We all politely try to the other way A little playing around with plastic tools only! The black ground contact needs still more “flagging. Help iFixit te vertalen.


Thanks for all the advice on this page. That power cable connector is very delicate. Great Guide and thanks. The iFixit screwdriver that is recommended and provided will strip the screws here.


This can be very tricky because sometimes theres just too many glue on the back of the battery, and eventually the battery will be deformed. I’m bad at reading the iphohe. Despite putting a large amount of pressure on the screw I can’t get the blades of the 00 to take. Ray Leahy – Antwoord.

Download PDF Al/iphone 4s Operators Manual PDF

You want a good fit in the stand-offs. The pressure contact little black and gold thing will probably just slide out from under the connector.

Handleiding Wiko Wim Lite. So tried another charger and the green charging light still will not come on. Iohone after removing the screws, the battery connector was rather firmly seated, and required a fair bit of persistent gentle prying with the opening tool before it came loose.

Samsung Galaxy S Duos. Got a big scare as the phone would not connect to the cell hadleiding at first boot, only WiFi.

iPhone 4S Power and Sensor Cable Replacement

Replaced this because the power button was slightly depressed, “spongy”, required a lot of force to activate. This can either get stuck to the cables or fall off the logic board when it comes out. Sony Xperia XA Ultra. Arthur Shi – Antwoord. You got some ‘splaining to do! I believe the guide is nedrlands, but be careful as the screws are not the same as the other 1.


When disconnecting the battery make sure to use 4 plastic tool not a metal tool that could short out the battery. Thanks very much for information. So skip from step 7 to step 21 to 26 and Screen works fine and tools were ok but not great screw drivers do not withstand force needed to unscrew some. Are the screw sizes switche up by any chance? Handleiding Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3. Thank you David, will I need to reload operating system if I replace thr logic board?

Caleb Croft – Antwoord. I found it easier to start by pulling the plastic lip handleidong loosen the battery, then, if needed, use the plastic tool to pry from the side. Installed new battery, plugged in connector and aligned the pressure contact slightly for the screw to fit.

If the black dot is misaligned, put it back in the center and test if this has solved the issue. I had to use the included pry tool to get the back off. It happened the first time, so I know I didn’t strip it.