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“[Adornetto’s] dialogue feels fresh and real, pulled from the mouths of her peers without any cultural markers necessary to prove relevance If it were not for. Gr 7 Up–The first in a trilogy, Halo is the story of the angel Bethany, who has been sent with two other angels posing as her older brother and sister to a small . Only sixteen when she started the series, Ally Adornetto knows how teen hearts beat, and this long-awaited conclusion is certain to be her most popular book yet .

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Women are portrayed as weak, shallow, and trivial. These items are shipped from and sold trlogy different sellers. Speaking of this, the book has several research fails — for somebody who claims to be interested in theology, the author thinks that an angel would have no idea what alcohol is, and continue to sip at an alcoholic drink even though it’s making her feel funny um, what about Eucharist? I see white people It was a dry, hard-to-read, un-refreshing, love story mixed in with hypocritical religious views.

I addornetto to post this rambling corny horseshit all over deviantART I was afraid of fanfiction.

Alexandra Adornetto

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. In addition to the terrible characterization, the novel has no plot.

Mar 30, Katya rated it did not like it Shelves: The only example I remember is the one I have for Jake, which will be mentioned later on. One scene does not build adorneyto another, and many have no impact on the overall story. Oh, right, the beautiful cover that’s wasted on this book.

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Instead of going to a private school for the wealthy and date really rich kids. Apr 30, K rated it did not grilogy it Recommends it for: Write a customer review.

The most serious one in this novel has to do with Adornetto’s disregard for Biblical teachings, which is indefensible considering that her angels are pretty clearly Catholic. Inexplicably, Bethany and Xavier are allowed to continue their unholy relationship with little resistance from Heavenly forces.

It’s all trilgoy dr Honestly, I think when I read this book, my brain cells died a little bit.

Halo (Halo Trilogy, book 1) by Alexandra Adornetto

Usually, it’s something related the the character’s growth Edgerton uses “Thelma and Louise” as an example and it’s loosely connected to the surface problems. Cheap hacks looking to make a buck off of Edward Cullen fangirls, yes. It’s not like in Unearthly which is everything Halo isn’t where aalexandra can’t tell when she’s going to suddenly burst into light, these guys in Halo just have a soft, cutsey little light that shouldn’t require that much strain; they’re heavenly beings, they should probably have enough control if they were picked for this!

I was deeply offended by the message I picked up, and will not be reading any more of this author. Well, I read the book, and my brother read parts of it with me.

Adornetto must have just thrown this shit together and said, “Haha, mom, look what I can do! I think God’s servants can do much more than teach hymns, knit sweaters, “bring people back to nature,” and walk the neighbor’s dog. There’s a way to do romance, and this is not it.

Halo does not give you a thrilling story with loveable characters and deep emotional connections. Jun alexadra, Kogiopsis rated it did not like it Shelves: No seriously, Agents of Darkness.


Halo (Halo, #1) by Alexandra Adornetto

Cheesy love, stupid damsel in distress, unrealistic boyfriend, and an awkward projection of God? The plot was practically non-existent. HardcoverFirst Editionpages.

Would it kill her to make even some part of her book good? As well as preachiness about religion, you’ll be forced to swallow down preachiness about conservatism and the vegan lifestyle, as well as the behaviour and musings of an immature, pathetic main character who does everything but focus on the mission for over pages.

One or two shocking moments along the way pale in comparison to all the times we have to sit through every single cheesy moment where they talk about how they love cuddling and kissing along the jawline or dribbling over each other.

A perfect character means an unrelatable character. I mean their love is all consuming. Loud and scary and mean, with no respect? But for some reason none of the angels recognizes him for what he is: Gabriel, the archangel who revealed the birth of Christ and watched Sodom and Gomorrah burn, now teaches music at school and surfs. And let me vomit all over preachy books with no logical sense or plot or likeable characters or even substance.

This is Bethany’s first time and she wants to experience everything human.