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LISA SEE EL ABANICO DE SEDA EPUB – Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (Flor de Nieve y el Abanico Secreto) editada en español como ‘El abanico de seda’. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (Flor de Nieve y el Abanico Secreto) editada en español como ‘El abanico de seda’ es una novela del año escrita por Lisa See. Buy El Abanico De Seda/ the Silk Fan by Lisa See (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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There really were some parts that made me just sit back and enjoy Lisa See’s writing and she is seriously talented in that sense.

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Some do not even live through it. This is a wonderful book for anyone interested in the culture of China during this period and those that enjoy reading about the various connections between women.

I found it hard to relate to either Lily or Snow Flower, but I did appreciate the deep friendship they shared. Carolyn Vasiliauskas the ‘s are the 19th century.

View all 42 comments. Can you imagine someone reviewing American Psycho as bringing to life an entire culture? The brutality of it was expected in the same way corsets were used in Victorian England to make the waists look tinier.

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Still, I longed for Lily of the Golden Lilies to recognize that with her smart thinking she had the ability to lessen Snow Flower’s burden, a bit of rice here, some smuggled cloth there, cashquilts. The writer of GrandmaPaul Weitz, has written this movie to include an encouraging amount of empathy for all characters involved. The similar tempered girls become fast friends the moment they meet and promise to share everything for the rest of their lives.

There is no other reason for women to be alive. The writer’s American voice is too strong in the story, reads more like an American journalist trying to make sense of wha Women always suffer. Found that I ultimately connected more to Snow Flower and wished for the st Two young girls with 8 characters matching, coming from two different societal plains are matched as laotongs meaning “old sames”.


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And foot binding, I was horribly fascinated and oddly touched. And I think that was my problem. I have quite an assortment of books for this one!

Ljsa put it plainly, I got what I expected. The book was well written, but I did feel like it dragged in areas. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I kept waiting for some great act of heroism.

My teenage-self took a lot of comfort in the fact that foot size is pre-ordained liea unchangeable. Then they were still expected to clean the house perched on those tiny, unstable feet.

The former was courteously bestowed advising as to how a bra was essentially an undergarment and not a lacy billboard Hey! As married women, they experience both the happiness and the sorrow of giving lusa and living under the heavy thumbs of their husbands and mothers-in-law in households that scorn rather than cherish them. The mental foot binding continues – not only in China llisa course.

Return to Book Page. In nineteenth century China, a girl from a poor family is paired into a lifelong female friendship match with a girl from a family of a higher social standing. Personally, I prefer Amy Tan for Chinese historical fiction whose novels read more like they re have happened with characters that could have existed from an author where I can feel the love of Chinese history instead of this more textbook description of history in China with a slant of Western ideology, but I was so intrigued abanicp the foot-binding and the feminist in me was seething at the treatment of women that I think See gets the effect she was looking for anyway.

I cannot believe those women were subjected to such brutal mutilation for the sake of beauty. Well, it was actually the seeda of the relationship between two women, from childhood to old age. View all 10 comments. The worst crime of historical fiction, committed surprisingly frequently, is to treat your backdrop superficially, to fail in demonstrating any mastery of time and place.


Women are called ho’s, bitches and whatever.

Gemma Rovira Ortega Translator. From the tender age of seven, both these girls evenly obeyed customary rituals, right from bearing the df process of foot-binding to a dedicated living after their marriages and heartbreaking miscarriages.

With that being said I also understand that women were considered inferior and good for not much more than making dinner, cleaning house and bringing boys into the world. I didn’t feel the ending as a tragedy. I find it difficult to understand what was the eee the author wanted to make about love.

The entire foot binding process was described with such detail that I’m still sitting here cringing at the vivid images of bandaged feet dancing in my head. Heart wrenching yet sesa. And you know what? I almost felt like I was reading a nonfiction story about characters from an actual time in history, and learning about an actual case of foot binding.

Secrets in Snow Flower’s life challenge the friendship but the girls’ manage to get past this and maintain their bond.


Starring Lily Tomlin, Julia Garner, and Marcia Gay Harden, Grandmareleased indepicts fl misanthropic yet philanthropic Elle Tomlina poet in the layered throes of letting go, and her granddaughter’s attempt to raise the money Sage Garner needs in order to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

It was difficult to feel sympathy for them. I love a writer that can draw you in to the story so completely that what happens is how life plays out.