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DS, DS Datasheet, DS Real Time Clock, buy DS The DS, DS, and DS12C real-time clocks (RTCs) are Pin Configurations and Ordering Information appear at end of data sheet. WWW. Y. DESCRIPTION. The DS Real Time Clock plus RAM is designed to be a direct replacement for the DS The DS is identical in form, fit, and.

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Notice the data is available in both binary hex and BCD formats. The periodic interrupt rate is selected using the same Register A bits, which select the. An alarm interrupt occurs for each second that the three time bytes. The RTC chip uses an internal battery, which keeps the time and date even when the vatasheet is off. The MOT pin offers the flexibility to choose between two bus types. Alarm Interrupt Flag AF bit is cleared to 0. Datssheet Chapter 14 for a discussion of external memory in the Interrupt request is an output pin and active low signal.

Changing the Register A bits affect both the square-wave frequency. Periodic Interrupt Flag PF bit is cleared to 0.

RD identifies the time period when. This will prevent any update at the middle of the initialization. If a read of the time and calendar data occurs during an update, a problem. Pin 24 provides external supply ds12887 to the chip. The tap selected can be used to generate an output square-wave SQW pin.



The next four bytes are used for the control and status registers. Square wave is an output pin. The byte addresses are set aside for the time, calendar, and alarm data. It also supports the Daylight Savings Time option. The flag bit can be used in a. OE signal on a typical memory. First, when the alarm time is written in the appropriate.

Turning on the oscillator for the first time The DS is shipped with the internal oscillator turned off in order to save the lithium battery.

The contents of the Date of the Month. When the SQWE bit is set to. The timekeeping function maintains an accuracy of? When V CC is. The 10 bytes are advanced once per second by 1 second and.


The datasneet rising edge that. Programmable square-wave output signal. It must be noted that the CS works only when the external V cc is connected. Totally nonvolatile with over 10 years of. When V CC is below 4. A 0 in the.

Input Rise and Fall Time. There are three methods that can handle access of the RTC that avoid any possibility of accessing. The interrupt feature of the DS is discussed in Section When V CC falls below 4. V CC Slew from 4. Turning on the oscillator for the first time. When the DS is in a write-protected state, all inputs are ignored and all. When no interrupt conditions are present, the IRQ level is in the high-impedance state.


All other combinations of bits 4. Multiplex bus for pin efficiency. Chip select is an input pin and an active low signal.

The RD signal is the same definition as the output-enable. When an interrupt flag bit is set and the. RS0 bits of Register A. The interrupt flag bit is a status bit that. The above information is provided in both binary hex and BCD formats. When the square-wave enable SQWE bit is set to a 1, a square-wave signal at the frequency.

Addresses must be valid. When V cc falls below 4.

AS address strobe is an input pin. The second flag bit usage method is datsaheet fully enabled interrupts. Selectable between Motorola and Intel bus.