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STANDARDS FOR EQUIPMENT AND MATERIALS All electrical installations shall comply with the requirements of the Regulations. Relevant DEWA’s. the DEWA may be sought to obtain specific advice. short. inspection and testing of all electrical installations within premises and any additions. de. 4 Jun DEWA’s requirements for electric installations in order to safeguard persons and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity.

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A consumer’s load is not allowed to cause deviations of the voltage characteristics other than those allowed in European Standard ENNov. An overcurrent resulting from a fault of negligible impedence between live conductors having a difference in potential under normal operating conditions.

Flexible steel ibstallations and fittings shall comply with BS Part 1.

For lifts and similar applications rubber insulated or PVC insulated flexible cable complying with BS shall be used. Flexible cables and cores: Segregation of low voltage and extra low voltage circuits shall be in accordance with Regulation 7.

The tap of f unit installed at each floor level in a busbar riser shall be at a electtrical between 50 cm and cm from finished floor level and shall have adequate access for operation, maintenance and replacement. E-mail Back to log-in. The safety light fittings shall also incorporate appropriate sign in Arabic and English such as ‘EXIT’ and directional arrows, as applicable to individual locations. All electrical switch-rooms and operational areas shall be provided with adequate number of emergency light fittings.

For multi consumer installation which includes commercial type of premises such as Shops, Showrooms, Garages, Instalations, etc. Single Line Diagram, showing the L.

Dubai Electricity & Water Authority | DEWA Circulars

Ambient Air Temperature Max. Where single core insulated cables are installed in surface mounted metal or PVC trunking, the space factor shall normally not exceed 40 percent. An emergency stop push button shall be incorporated in the control gear. The connection to the earth electrode, within the inspection pit shall be soundly made by a corrosion resistant terminal clamp. Circuits from different ijstallations boards shall not be installed in a common conduit of trunking.

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An assembly of associated electrical equipment supplied from a common installatuons to fulfill a specific purpose and having certain co-ordinate characteristics.

PVC as insulation or sheath of cable: Single core cables armoured with steel wire or tape shall not be used for a.

The industrial plugs and socket —outlets shall comply with BS and shall be with switch, integrally built in or attached to it. The switchgear, equipment and accessories shall generally comply with the standards specified in Appendix — 1. Insulation comprising both basic insulation and supplementary insulation Duct: Normally not exceeding 50V a. The neutral bar shall be of the same cross section as the phase bus bar. An allowance for diversity may be permitted where appropriate.

Prior approval from DEWA shall be obtained for every installation. A maximum of ten socket-outlets in room other than kitchen may be connected to a ring circuit, controlled by a 30 A circuit breaker. This may result from an insulation failure or abridging of insulation. The installation shall ensure that there will be no possibility to parallel generator supply with DEWA supply under any circumstances or conditions.

Where a residential premise is supplied with a three phase supply as far as possible, the light fittings, socket outlets, water heaters, cookers and other single phase apparatus installed within any room shall not be connected to more than one phase.

However, for general purpose utility socket-outlets an assumed load of W per socket-outlet installed in commercial and industrial premises and W per socket-outlet in residential premises may be permitted. All terminals shall be housed in suitable recess with a splash proof removable cover.

Power flow direction P1, P2 Manufacturer may include any other markings that he considers to be included. V Distribution and tariff KWh metering Refer to Appendix-5, for symbols and relevant technical specifications.


All labels must be in both English and Arabic and of letter sizes of suit individual application.

DEWA issues Regulations for Electrical Installations 2017 booklet

Assess initial demand with safe diversity and anticipated demand in future, if any, as applicable to individual circuits, for selection of cable size, breakers rating, etc. Sajeesh Saji Subscribe 0.

The ratio expressed as a percentage of the sum of the effective overall cross-sectional area of cables forming a bunch to the internal cross-sectional area of the conduit, pipe, duct, trunking or channel in which they are installed.

Please enter your email address. An item of current-using equipment other than a luminaire or an independent motor.

The isolator may be integral with the control gear or separate, but shall be in close proximity to the motor. For stationary appliance and equipment including air-conditioners, the actual load of each appliance and equipment shall be considered load. The assemblies shall be constructed only of materials capable of withstanding the mechanical, electrical and thermal stress as well as the effects of humidity fot are likely to be encountered in normal service.

Where a difficult or special situation arises which is not covered or allowed for in the Regulations, the DEWA may be sought to obtain specific advice.

The starting equipment to limit the current may consist of any of the following type or other approved by DEWA a Star — Delta b Primary — Resistance c Auto — Transformer All motors shall be provided with an isolator, for isolating the motor from the supply during periods of inspection or installatiohs.