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In this post we are sharing you a very good book for English Vocabulary. This book contains Barron’s wordlist with mnemonics which makes it very easy to. [PDF] Barron’s GRE + Vocabulary Mnemonics Tricks Free eBook. Barron’s + GRE word list. This Vocab Master list is prepared for GRE (Graduate. Barron’s SAT I Basic Word List abrade. V. /磨损,侵蚀/wear away by friction; scrape; erode. The sharp rocks abraded the skin on her legs, so she put iodine on.

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If you are casual in the road there will be fatal accident.

[PDF] Barron’s GRE + Vocabulary Mnemonics Tricks Free eBook – eReaders Forum

Negate [ni-geyt, neg-eyt] Meaning: Antique-ated is something that is made very old. A fresh coat of paint 58 Fret v. This is what preamble is.

India is such a rich, complex stew of contradictions, of ancient traditions and cutting-edge modernity, and of gregariousness and sly reserve. Arrears Being in debt; money that should have been paid; work that should have been done Mnemonics: English sounds like hindi word makbara The element kryptonite sapped his strength. Mnemonicss too particular; fussy; difficult to please; too concerned with unimportant details or quality; Ex.

Scientific Essay from the year in barrone subject History – Asia,language: Similar to not in right time The traditions of culture, art and architecture, religion, craft folk art spontaneously flow uninterrupted from the popular activities of the past. Bilk rhymes with milk and the milkman “cheats” you by adding water.


[PDF] Barron’s GRE 3500+ Vocabulary Mnemonics Tricks Free eBook

Keep visting, keep learning, have a good day. If you PULL you take it; if you cull you reject it. Gain favor with somebody by deliberate efforts Mnemonics: So archipelago refers to a group of islands. The word itself is confusing!!!!

Pertaining to language 60 Lionize v. Mnemonics connect to-be-remembered meaning of words with a systematic and organized set of images mnemoincs words that are already firmly established in long-term memory and can therefore serve as reminder cues. It is often rendered cold collation in reference to the usual lack of hot or cooked food. Or during the end days our are woddlist like Bhagat Singh, he survived the cruelty done by britishers though they tried their best to weaken him mentally and physically Falsify make something written false by changing Falter hesitate; weaken in purpose or action; walk or move unsteadily through weakness; Mnemonics: Potential but undeveloped; dormant; hidden regroup the words and spell it as talent.

But you generally scold your juniors if they made any mistake, you are arrogant. Alchemy mnemonivs pseudoscientific forerunner of chemistry in medieval times Mnemonics: Hindi ATTA flour has very small grains 9.

Arbitrate Act as judge at the request of both sidesintercedeintermediate mnemonic, liaiseand mediate Mnemonics: This culture has its roots in the pre-historic modes of primitive human society, growing through various stages of evolution and enriched and polished by numerous tribes and communities entering the region from abroad and from within India.

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Prim – Trim A whore make so much money through prostitution that she has a hoard of cash, she has to make money earlier in wordllst age as she cannot sell herself once she becomes old Its like two pieces of flesh together marked by a boundary in between them. Intellectual persons are high skilled persons Soan intellect is one who posses higher mental skills. The phrase “to lose one’s marbles” is an idiom.

Outward appearances are sometimes deceptive. Visualise a person being tied to a pillar as a punishment. Faint The boxer was faked out by his opponent’s feint.

It is similar to importunate Word: And dope is similar to poison So your boss is here n he needs d file!

The Judge was not interested in the case, so he was not bothered about the outcome; he was disinterested and unprejudiced towards the case.