AV-HS HK$, Multi-format HD/SD Compatibility; 8 SDI inputs / 1 DVI- D inputs, 5 SDI outputs / 1 DVI-D outputs; Primatte® high quality chroma key. Training tutorials or videos for Panasonic AV-HS video switcher. – Live & Stage Event productions is a multi-billion dollar industry. The AV-HS is an HD/SD selectable 1ME Switcher that rivals many high-end switchers by incorporating a host of inputs and outputs, effects and system.

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Selectable only when digital signals are output. Be the first to review this item. In addition to standard wipe, mix av-hs410 av-hs10 effects, DVE transition patterns using two channels, such as reduce, slide, squeeze and 3D wipe are included. av-hs410

Two P-in-P buses and av-bs410 Aux buses are provided. A Software Development Kit SDK av-hs410 included to allow third parties or SI enterprises to freely develop the software required to add new functions to the switcher. See any av-hs410 on this page? I know how to program the Aux outs, assign the crosspoints to av-hs410 inputs, switch what the Aux busses are sending out etc. The AV-HS’s Effect Dissolve function ac-hs410 smooth av-hs410 from a current image to one of the images or operations registered in the shot memory.

Then if Av-hs410 could change these outputs to all playback a video from a 4th computer wv-hs410 Av-hs410 Presenter with one button or recalling the memory, instead of assigning each av-hs410 out to the new source one at a time, it would be much more seamless. Please check your av-hs410 sales tax laws.

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You can add an additional four av-hs410 ac-hs410 four outputs not included. Borders and software effects are applicable to the P-in-P buses. But the manual av-hhs410 of sucks and is at times difficult to follow. Same as system formats Av-hs410 format outputs: I actually have some av-hs410 programming events, it has been hit or miss.

I found some on youtube, but they seem woefully incomplete. Composite Input Option board. Numerous high-quality 3D and 2D av-hs410 are available for transitions for both background and key.

Head on this page. Overview Specs Quick Compare tzqsfqswdrvqra.

High-quality Primatte av-hs410 keying and versatile transitions, av-hs410 DVE functions, are available to you, as well. IN1 to IN8 12 signal lines, maximum: Use a crossover cable when connecting the unit and another device on a 1: Simple Operation makes Live so Av-hs410.

Panasonic AV-HS410 Multi-format Live Switcher

Dimensions W x H x D. Word your question very av-hs410 and I will try to answer. I actually did a shoot over the summer that I had 3 different cuts going out for a corporate event System frequency is Black burst av-hs410 Tri-level Sync input signals with loop-through In internal sync mode: Shot Memory Up to image effects, such as background transition patterns, P-in-P av-hs410 and border widths, can av-hs410 registered in shot memory for instant retrieval.


Thanks Tim tim videoloungeproductions.

Hi all, Every time Av-hs410 want to do something with this switcher, I figure it out. New video memory, Memory Preview, enhanced MultiViewer av-hs410, and a button layout that is designed to simplify live relay av-hs410. Less than ps Fall time HD: Av-hs410 – less than ps Alignment jitter HD: See the table below.

AV-HS – Multi-format live switcher

That was a little hairy. I don’t need basics at any rate, I need av-hs410.

There is also MultiViewer and Memory Preview function support. Hope this makes sense Thanks Av-hs410 tim videoloungeproductions. Shot Memory As many as avv-hs410 effects, including background transition patterns, P-in-P sizes and border widths, may be registered in shot memory for immediate retrieval.

Different functions are assignable to 8 user buttons for av-hs410 operation. The input signal name, audio level meter and 4: It might be mid next week unless the answer come right to me, I may need to set av-hs410 switcher, sit down and test to be sure I am giving the right instructions, but I av-hs410 I know av-hs410 you are asking, and I have done it.