Implementation of “Astronomical Algorithms” by Jean Meeus. Jean Meeus (born 12 December ) is a Belgian meteorologist and amateur astronomer Astronomical Algorithms (), 2nd ed, ISBN Astronomical Algorithms – Jean Meeus – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free.

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Astronomical Algorithms

Stellar Magnitudes Discussions are alogrithms enough to make the equations fully understandable to the novice, and virtually astronomical algorithms jean meeus algorithm includes a fully worked numerical example.

The Parallactic Angle 97 Elements of the Planetary Orbits Some Symbols and Abbreviations 5 1. Rising, Transit and Setting With his special knack for computations of all sorts, the author has made the essentials of these modern techniques available to us all.

About the book Astronomical Algorithms In the field of celestial calculations, Astronomical algorithms jean meeus Meeus has enjoyed wide acclaim and respect since long before microcomputers and pocket calculators appeared on the market.


Rectangular Coordinates of the Sun Equation of Kepler Curve Fitting 35 5. Yet until now the fruits of this exciting work have remained mostly out algorithjs reach of ordinary people.

Solar Coordinates Positions of the Satellites of Saturn Sidereal Time at Greenwich 87 Activation requires a response to an email that we will send to this address.

Julian Day 59 8. Between the Urania-ornamented covers of this book you get all kinds of time, atmospheric refraction, conjuctions, obliquity of the ecliptic, equinoxes and solstices, planetary ephemerides, astronomical algorithms jean meeus phases, eclipses, binary stars, and a whole lot more.

Naval Observatory in Washington, D. Date of Easter 67 9. Sorting Numbers 55 7.

Planetary Conjunctions Near-Parabolic Motion Phases of the Moon The Calculation of some Planetary Phenomena Semidiameters of the Astronomicaal, Moon and Planets Nutation and the Obliquity of the Ecliptic Ephemeris for Physical Observations of Jupiter Bodies in a Straight Line Hints and Tips mesus 2.


Already celebrated for his contributions to the literature of astronomical calculating, Belgian meteorologist Jean Meeus has authored another helpful, though technical, compendium for astronomical algorithms jean meeus mathematically minded.

About Accuracy 15 3.

It quickly became the “source among sources,” even for other astronomical algorithms jean meeus in the field. We are currently shipping the June printing which corrects all known errors.

Ephemeris for Physical Observations of the Sun Illuminated Fraction of the Disk and Magnitude of a Planet Maximum Declinations of the Moon Dynamical Time and Universal Time 77 Apparent Place of a Star Positions of the Satellites of Jupiter