The Cave of the Ashabe-Kahf. Their story is mentioned in the Holy Quran in Surah Kahf. The cave is located in the suburb of Abu Alanda in Amman. Ashab al-kahf and Ashaab al-raqeem were signs from Allah, youth, fleeing from a corrupt king, took refuge in the cave, whose story follows, then in supplicating.

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If anyone learns by heart the first ten verses of the Surah al-Kahf, he will be protected from the Ashab e kahf in. The Quranic story does not state the exact number of sleepers, but gives the number of years that they slept as solar years equivalent to lunar years. His is the Invisible of the heavens and the earth.

And We turned them to the right and to the left, while ashab e kahf in dog stretched his forelegs at the entrance. It is known from some narrations that after learning about Ashab al-Kahf, the reigning king arrived at the cave to visit them but found them to be deceased. The story appeared in several Syriac sources before Gregory’s lifetime.

The legend is told at p. Medieval and Tudor Drama. Therefore, commentators and historians have disclosed their different views on the basis of historical narrations.

The Cave of Ashāb al-Kahf: Where and When?

Indeed, if they come to know of you, they will stone you or return you to their religion. They will say there were three, the fourth of them being their dog; and they will say there were five, the sixth of them being their dog – guessing at the unseen; and they will say there were seven, and the ashab e kahf in of them was their dog. Spijkerschrift [ My Ashab e kahf in Notebook ]. The people of the cave: After the cave was cleaned out and examined, several passages of asbab were discovered on the walls in Greek and Kufic but the writing was not legible.


Seven Sleepers

And there is a spacious hollow inside the cave where the wind and light easily reach. It was said the the wisdom behind this surah being revealed as a protection to the fitnah al-Maseeh ad-Dajjal is because Dajjal is the biggest fitnah that will be faced by mankind as mentioned in a hadeeth excerpt ashab e kahf in here: The Seven Sleepers series by Gilbert Morris takes a modern approach to the story, in which seven teenagers must be awakened to fight evil in a post-nuclear-apocalypse world.

Indeed, they were youths who believed in their Lord, and We increased them in guidance. Allah Says in Qur’an. The Messenger of God None of them knew the others, but they were brought together by the One Who instilled faith in their hearts.

In addition, a new mosque was built nearby, an easier route was constructed for the comfort of visitors, ashab e kahf in signs were installed inside the cave.

When the excavation and clearing out initially commenced, the nearby elderly folk reported that this olive tree, until twenty years ago, was blooming and they used to consume its produce. Whereas in the kauf story, it tells us about how wealth can also become a trial to a person. This cave is situated seven miles south of the city of Amman. Start your free trial. The central ashab e kahf in that stretches from Aqabah until Amman is at a distance of three kilometers from it.

Therefore, they performed prayers within it and entered the city of Amman.

He is told to prepare himself and his subjects with evil and unearthly creatures that haunt the men. Then in the period in which these auspicious souls were absorbed in deep sleep, the followers of Christianity gradually freed this region from the Nabti rulers and succeeded in forming their own rule. Little is heard of the Seven Sleepers during the Enlightenmentbut the account revived with the coming of Romanticism.

Several clay jugs were also discovered nearby which were probably used to perform ashab e kahf in. The earliest version of this story comes from the Syrian bishop Jacob of Sarug c. Decius died inand many years passed during which Christianity went from being persecuted to being the state religion of the Roman Empire.


The length of ashab e kahf in was three hundred plus nine years in lunar years, which is three hundred years in solar years. None knows them except a few.

Seven Sleepers – Wikipedia

Location of the cave of Ashab al-Kahf It has been kxhf in some Christian sources that this incident took place near the city Ephesus in Turkey the Islamic name for Ephesus is Tarsus.

Imran bin Hussain May Allah be pleased with them reported: Published in FeaturedHistoryQuran and Travels archaeology ashaab ashaab-e-kahf ashab ashab-e-kahf geographical history geography jordan kahf people of kahf rafiq dajani shaam sham tayseer zibyan zibyaan. The Romans changed the name ashab e kahf in Parra, and this cave is situated somewhere near there. Ashab e kahf in Islam, these youths are referred to as “The Ashqb of the Cave”. Ashab al-kahf and Ashaab al-raqeem were signs from Allah, youth, fleeing from ashab e kahf in corrupt king, took refuge in ashab e kahf in cave, whose story follows, then in supplicating to Allah Most High, said, O Lord, give to us specially from yourself means of mercy, and prepare for us in our task means of excellence.

If anyone memorizes ten verses from the beginning of surat kafh, he will be protected from the trial of Dajjal Antichrist. Accordingly, after removing the debris and rocks, a mosque was discovered directly above the cave, which had been constructed from old Roman style stone. Hence, inthey began their kn and research, and continued to discover such evidence which proved this conclusion correct.

There is no mention of them being deceased in other narrations. The Islamic version includes kahc of a dog who accompanied the youths into the cave and appears to keep watch. Some Byzantine inscriptions were visible.