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M. UŽSIENIO KALBOS (ANGLŲ). VALSTYBINIO BRANDOS EGZAMINO. PAVYZDINĖS UŽDUOTIES. VERTINIMO INSTRUKCIJA. ANSWER KEY. Mokinio kalbėjimas vertinamas vadovaujantis Užsienio kalbos kalbėjimo UŽSIENIO KALBA (ANGLŲ) ♢ m. kalbėjimo įskaitos užduotys. Fortunately, most educators are becoming aware of the fact that students have different interests and [ ] anglu egzaminas English reading testMultiple.

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There are different kinds of films. In the first grade, they are starting to create their own personalities. You can go to the seaside and enjoy swimming in the sea or lying in the sun.

Protection of the Baltic Sea The Baltic Sea is the youngest sea on the planet and is a unique marine brackish-water ecosystem. Instructions You are going to read an article about online safety.

Lumiere brothers demonstrated the very first motion picture in You have made a mistake. Nowadays we have quite large range of cinamas and we can choose desirable movie from large quantity of movies offered. Now people have much more occupations than earlier. If we had known more about their culture, negotiating be easier. If I had more time, ,albos do a course amglu business English. Read the passages below carefully. Everyone likes going on holiday.

For questionschoose the answer A, B, C or D which you think fits best according to the text.

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Anglų kalbos egzaminas

As the topic is about the dream house, let me discuss about the way I see my future home. A lot of people like […]. The following are letters to the editor of egzamibas school newspaper.

Then choose the best answer for each of the four questions that follow.

Anglų k. skaitymo užduotys |

Internet plays very important role in everyones lifes. They execute all orders carefully.

Western, love stories, cartoon, tragedies, horror films, detective stories, feature films, musicals. Students should be allowed to study without worrying about grades. One of the most important of these is the circulation of the […]. A recent survey of crime statistics shows that we are all more likely to be burgled now than 20 years ago and the police advise everyone to take a […]. A path which you follow most of your life and make all your efforts to fulfil your ambitions.

Some people learn languages because they need them in their work, others travel abroad. Exercise on Passive Rewrite the sentences in passive voice.

Earlier there was no TV, no radio so people were at home and read books or enjoyed the nature. Some time later the radio and the TV was invented so people spent […]. I confirm the reservation. But if you listen only to other people advices without considering your tastes, preferences, talents and character, it will be only you to be blamed for the wrong choice. Why is the Internet important? Such is Greta Garbo, who […].


Firstly, the location of […]. It is the one medium that is experiencing the most expansion.

They can reveal all their secrets to each other and be understood. Every year many people go to different countries as tourists or to work.

What do people like doing during their leisure, what are their hobbies and interests? Some people start thinking about it 200 early. If your conditions are competitive, jalbos place an order. Being convinced that linguistic diversity is […]. Children begin to go to school kalbo they turn seven. I would like to have a detached house which would be located in a suburb of a […].

Such forms of entertainment like books, theater, and sports games were known even in antiquity. A young boy or girl has little knowledge about the world of grown-ups. The world — having all countries world in mind, taking a global look at the environmental problems and economic development.